Hurricane season

Living and working in Florida means having to learn how to prepare for hurricanes and tropical storms that might be headed our way between early June and late November every year.

During the past 11 years, there were a number of times when the FAU campuses were closed, classes were cancelled, and life as we know it had to change to accommodate the weather-induced changes. The Fall 2005 term was by far the most disrupted semester, with a brief closure due to Katrina early in the term and a much longer one due to Wilma later in that term. Hurricane Wilma caused a lot of damage on campus, forced many faculty members in the S&E building (myself included) to move elsewhere on campus, and required a comprehensive recovery plan

In a few hours, FAU will be closing for the first time this hurricane season, to prepare for Tropical Storm / Hurricane Fay. Please check: for updates.

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