Fall 2008 term in full motion

The Fall 2008 semester is in full motion at FAU. I'm very happy to be back to the classroom. As I've written many times before, "I do what I love... and I love what I do".

This semester I'm teaching two regular classes:
  • CNT 4104 - Introduction to Data and Computer Communications
  • COP 4930/5930 - Cutting-edge Web Technologies
In September I'll also be teaching the "Advanced Internet Programming" class for our Weekend MS Program.

Last, but not least, I'm also helping my colleague Dr. Elan Barenholtz with the first of a two-course sequence on 'Foundations of Human Vision' (listed under the Dept of Psychology as "Seminar in Human Perception", EXP 6208). I'll be the leading instructor for the second course, "Foundations of Vision", to appear in the Spring 2009 term.

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