What is your Erdös number?

Looking at my post from yesterday, some mathematicians may (rightfully) say: when it comes to being identified in your field of knowledge by a number, nothing compares to the Erdös number (named after the late Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdös, one of the most prolific writers of mathematical papers, is a way of describing the "collaborative distance", in regard to mathematical papers, between an author and Erdös).

And maybe they're right...

In case you're curious, I'm an Erdös3, thanks to collaboration and paper co-authorship with Dr. Spyros Magliveras, officially listed as Erdös2.


  1. So that would make me Erdös 4? Wikipedia says that there have even been eBay auctions for Erdös numbers. You can add your name to this page:


  2. Yes, it would.
    You can add that to your CV.