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Today is a great day at FAU. Commencement ceremonies and associated activities all day long... The ceremonies are available via Webcast.

I enjoy Commencement because it provides a powerful reminder that when we interact with our students, we are not only impacting their individual lives, but -- to some extent -- the lives of very special people (parents, spouses, children, etc.) in their lives. On a day like today, we (faculty) have a chance to meet some of these very important people, greet them, and congratulate them for this very special occasion. And that -- as the credit card commercial would have it -- is priceless.

This was a particularly special Commencement for me. I had the privilege of graduating my first Doctoral student, Liam Mayron, and meeting his family. 

At FAU, we follow the ancient tradition of individual hooding of Doctoral candidates, which adds to the solemn aspect of this very special moment. Walking the stage side-by-side with Liam brought memories of being on the other side of the equation at the exact same gymnasium (now called arena) almost 7 years ago. 

It was also the PhD graduation of my colleague and dear friend Lofton Bullard. I'm very happy for him and wish him all the best!

Last, but not least, it was also the graduation of several former undergraduate and Master's students. I'm very proud of all of them.

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