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Check it out... before it's too late: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

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  1. Thanks,

    I missed it, but followed the recently featured link to the FAU page. I found an error/omission that I may try to correct when I have time.

    The following sentence from the article is technically incorrect for two reasons.

    "Although initial enrollment was only 867 students, this number increased in 1984 when the university admitted its first undergraduate students"

    Trivially, "undergraduate" should be something like freshman and sophomore or lower-division.

    But more important, to me, is they omit mention of the "Faculty Scholar" program.

    FAU, in its upper-division days (maybe afterwards also), took students straight from high school on a selective basis which included passing the CLEP test for 30 credits of freshman courses.

    It was a great program. You can get right into the meat of upper level courses. I was a Faculty Scholar getting my degree in Physics from '76-80.

    If your doing the math, it took longer than 3 years because I started working on a graduate degree before the itch to make some money overtook the love of the student life.

    I googled "Faculty Scholar" and see that many people mention it in their vitae. I have it on my resume.