Back to school

The Winter break is officially over.

The Spring term at FAU started on Saturday (1/3). Tomorrow I'll teach my first lectures of the semester.

I'm teaching two courses this term:
  • CAP 6411 - Foundations of Vision (syllabus available here), a graduate course on human vision for engineers and computer scientists (particularly those who are interested in computer vision), and 
  • CNT 4104 - Introduction to Data and Computer Communications, an undergraduate course that teaches the basics of data communications and computer networks.
As usual, I'm looking forward to going back to the classroom.


  1. I loved that Computer Communications class. The way it was taught it made me really interested in the subject. I wish all my classes were like that one.

    I am taking Digital Comm right now at UF. I thought the subject of networks and communication fascinating. Especially in the physical layer.

  2. Hi Jose,

    Thanks for your kind note. I remember vividly how interested you were in the class (and how well you did in it!).

    Wish you all the best in the class at UF.

  3. I'm guessing the blog is idle because it's a busy term and not due to a lack of inspiration.

    I did some googling after reading a news blurb about the latest Turing award. I thought you would appreciate this 2005 interview with the recipient.