Camcorder of the future

I was browsing one of the many Holiday catalogs that we get at this time of the year over the weekend and -- much to my surprise -- I found this JVC camcorder which has implemented (and prominently advertised, see sticker) the ability to upload videos to YouTube with the press of a button.

Leaving out the fact that many other camcorders have recently offered that feature as well, it brought back fond memories of an assignment form my 'Video Processing' class in which, back in the beginning of 2007, I asked my students the question:

If you had to design the ‘(consumer-level) camcorder of year 2010’ what would its technical specs look like? Be technical and precise and think about all relevant aspects (resolution, media format, lenses, and much more… ‘Upload to YouTube’ button, anyone?). Feel free to use the tech specs of a contemporary camera as a starting point an/or basis for comparison.

At that time I felt I was venturing into futuristic terrain... It turns out I was just looking ahead 15 months or so... :-)

For those among you who are more adventurous (and want to look as far ahead as 20 years), I recommend taking a peek at MIT Professor Ramesh Raskar's 'Camera Culture' course and two of its assignments:

What will a camera look like in 10 years, 20 years?
What will be in Photoshop2028?

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