WIAMIS 2008: technical notes (Part 3)

And here is part 3 of the series... It refers to the second day of the conference. 

The day started with John R. Smith's very rich invited talk on "Unleashing video search". John presented an excellent talk, broad, deep, and current, supported by excellent graphics and demos. I liked (a lot!) when he said that all this incessant talk about bridging the semantic gap may lead to the trap of "building a bridge to nowhere". Maybe we should ask, said John (and I paraphrase): "What, exactly, is the destination?"

On a personal level, it was great to finally meet him in person (among other things, John contributed a chapter on "Video Indexing and Retrieval using MPEG-7" for the Handbook of Video Databases).

The next session (Oral Session II: Analysis II) had two papers on SenseCam-related work by the The Centre for Digital Video Processing (Dublin City University, Ireland), briefly commented in an earlier post.

After the lunch break, I attended the first and second parts of the Special Session on Multimedia Metadata Management and Retrieval (M3R). 

Between the two, I took a close look at the poster session for the day and was impressed by the work presented by Prof. Kai Uwe Barthel (FHTW-Berlin), whose demo is available online. It builds up on previous work (ImageSorter, available for download) and shows a lot of promise in terms of narrowing the infamous semantic gap.

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