WIAMIS 2008: technical notes (Part 2)

And here is the second part of a series of postings on the technical side of WIAMIS 2008.  It refers to the afternoon portion of the first day. 

The first session (COST 292 – Towards Automated Robust Vision-based Surveillance) was chaired by Prof. Noel E. O'Connor, whose research team has an outstanding track record in video processing and related areas. During the conference I had the pleasure of meeting Prof. O'Connor and had a great time chatting with two other team members during our bus trip to Magdalensberg: Ciarán Ó Conaire and Aiden Doherty. They both presented papers during WIAMIS and could occasionally be spotted wearing their SenseCams. I commended Ciarán for posting MATLAB code for much of his research work for the benefit of others in the Computer Vision community.

In this session I also had the privilege of listening to my Portuguese colleague Paulo Lobato Correia present the paper "Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Pictogram Contours", by Carlos Filipe Paulo and Paulo Lobato Correia, which brought memories of the FAU Salient dataset.

After the coffee break we had a Special Session: RUSHES – Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval of Unedited Audio-Visual Footage, in which the paper "Describing Objects with Multiple Features for Visual Information Retrieval and Annotation", by Qianni Zhang and Ebroul Izquierdo, was presented. I met Prof. Izquierdo for the first time during WIAMIS and was delighted to see what his group is doing. In addition to the paper above, another paper/poster caught my attention: "Global-to-Local Oriented Rapid Scene Perception", by Le Dong and Ebroul Izquierdo. I plan to follow up with Prof. Izquierdo's group on both of them.

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