I've traveled to many interesting places during these past 25 years. Here is a partial list of the cities I've visited (or lived in) for professional (or study) reasons (sorted by country) :
  • Australia: Sydney
  • Austria: Innsbruck
  • Bahamas: Nassau
  • Brazil: Belém (PA), Brasília (DF), Campinas (SP), Curitiba (PR), Itajubá (MG), Jaraguá do Sul (SC), Medianeira (PR), Pelotas (RS), Santa Rita do Sapucaí (MG), Santos (SP), São Carlos (SP), São Luís (MA), São Paulo (SP)
  • Canada: Montreal, Toronto
  • India: Ahmedabad
  • Mexico: Mexico City, Puebla
  • Netherlands: Eindhoven, Delft, Enschede, Geldrop, Waalre
  • Spain: Cartagena
  • USA: Boca Raton (FL), Dallas (TX), Dayton (OH), Kauai (HI), Melbourne (FL), Miami (FL), San Diego (CA), Sanibel Island (FL), Washington (DC)
Over the next few months (years?), I plan to update the list (I'm sure I've forgotten quite a few cities...) and post specific entries on some of them.

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